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Managed Support SLAs

Next Edge Support SLAs

It’s important for our clients to understand how service SLAs work, SLA stands for Service Level Agreement. SLAs basically outlines your responsibilities and our responsibilities in regards to turnaround times for certain aspects of our services.

SLAs apply to contracted agreement customers ONLY.

Support sla

Support SLAs relate to the acknowledgement of an issue. There is no SLA on the resolution of an issue due to the fact it depends on the nature of the issue. Other factors such as user responsiveness, availability of users workstation for remote access, etc can adversely affect our ability to solve issues.

Standard User Request (Non Urgent) 4 Hours
Standard User Request (Urgent Item) 2 Hours


Change Request SLAs relate to the completion of any requests that relate to changes being requested rather than general support. These SLAs require that you provide all information at the start of the request including anything we require either information or equipment wise in order to complete

New User Setup Request 3 Business Days
Major Information Request 4 Business Days
New Computer Setup 5 Business Days
Computer Assessment (Faults) 5-7 Business Days
Other Change Requests 1-2 Business Day/s (min)


Severity One issues relate to larger outages of either network, server or internet infrastructure ONLY.

Acknowledgement of Severity One 30 minutes
Remote Assessment of Severity One 1-2 hour/s
Resolution of Severity One depends on nature of issue, warranty coverage, upstream SLAs, etc


  • All time spans below relate to your contracted “support hours”, this time can be found on on your support plan agreement. The SLA expires inside the support hours only, for example if a standard user request non urgent is lodged at 3:30PM on a 9AM-5PM coverage the issue is not due for acknowledgement until 11:30AM the following coverage day.

  • “Urgency” is an assessment weighed by Next Edge Pty Ltd against both the technical urgency and business urgency of the request, we understand that individual users may treat requirements as personally urgent however personal urgency takes a back seat to overall issue priorities across our client base. We make all efforts to ensure we deliver the best service to our customers at all times. Lack of planning or notice does not justify an emergency.